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Ofac adding Kratol and Zitotrans to blacklist

The US department of the treasury’s office of foreign assets control (Ofac) is taking additional actions to degrade the Russian Federation’s capacity to wage war against Ukraine by sanctioning eight individuals and 16 entities, and four Russia-registered Ilyushin aircraft with tail numbers RA-76842, RA-76502, RA-76846, and RA-78765, owned by Aviacon Zitotrans.


The Russian cargo airline has handled cargo shipments for sanctioned Russian defence entities, as well as military equipment such as rockets, warheads and helicopter parts all over the world. For instance, it has shipped defence materiel to Venezuela, Africa, and other locations.


The US ban is extended to Kratol Avation, a company based in Sharjah (UAE), which is contracted by Wagner Group to move personnel and equipment between the CAR, Libya and Mali. (ah)




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