• ONE now has a common data backbone.


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ONE has got a new core of data

The integration of the container branches of the three big Japanese carriers now also helps K LINE, MOL and NYK to share operational data. Its basis is the data platform IoS-OP. All the data acquired from the monitoring system installed on the container vessels of K LINE, MOL and NYK are collected on the IoS-Open platform (IoS-OP) promoted by Ship Data Center (ShipDC).


As all three carriers managed their data by different frameworks, ONE needed to carry out data conversion. The IoS-OP’s automatic conversion function to the standard names in line with ISO 19848, which is provided by ShipDC, reduces the difficulties of data conversion and simplifies the analysis and management of the integrated operational data in ONE’s fleet.


ONE aims to use this data to improve the accuracy of performance evaluations of individual vessels and machinery and to achieve safer and more efficient vessel operations. (fd)


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