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One million AWBs and growing

Last month, ECS Group’s Squair team verified its one millionth AWB since “Verify” operations first began in March 2020. Squair offers a unique back-office service to airlines and GSAs, enabling them to concentrate fully on tasks of higher value for customers. Verify by Squair, the ECS Group's fast-growing GSSA ability, saw its activity double in 2023 vs. 2022, and still plans a +60% increase in 2024.


Rapid growth in customer numbers led to the launch of a second Squair team in India in February last year, complementing the existing team in Bulgaria and opening the market to Far-East customers. By the end of 2023, Squair India had grown to a team of 14 people.


Adrien Thominet, executive chairman of ECS Group: “Squair’s growth strategy is fine-tuned to ensure continued consistent compliance with our customers’ SLAs. We currently operate out of two centres: one in Europe, one in Asia.” (cj)




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