• Freight forwarders set to manage joint services.

27.09.2017 By: Marco Wölfli

Artikel Nummer: 20258

Operating together in the Maghreb

From October onwards Militzer & Münch France and Davies Turner are set to cooperate in transport services between North Africa and the United Kingdom. The new partners hope the collaboration effort will provide advantages in their core business fields.


Two large logistics service providers are set to team up in future operations in North Africa. Militzer & Münch France (M & M) already has a strong presence in the states of the Maghreb – Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria. The British provider Davies Turner’s work in the region, in turn, focuses primarily on the Moroccan textile industry. The overarching aim of the new partnership is to increase the volume of goods transported between the United Kingdom and North Africa.



M & M seeking to grow in the UK

Thus M & M is set to handle imports and exports between Tunisia, Morocco and the UK from 1 October onwards, with business with Algeria mainly accounting for exports. The forwarding firm is banking primarily on truck groupage services and full loads. M & M hopes that the new cooperation agreement will help it grow in the UK, where Davies Turner is amongst the industry major players. M & M was established in Germany; today it is based in Switzerland and has subsidiaries in Europe as well as Central and East Asia. The UK has not featured prominently in its business so far.


Davies Turner believes the agreement with M & M will open up new ­opportunities in the Algerian and Tunisian ­markets. In Morocco, in turn, both firms want to make use of potential synergies. M & M manages a customs-­ bonded terminal as well as warehousing facilities in Casablanca and Tangier that Davies Turner could use.


Apart from this the long-established ­traditional British family enterprise (founded in 1870) is active above all in its home market. More than 800 employees work in the UK and Ireland, in a total of 20 ­stations. Road haulage, air cargo services and maritime options all form a part of Davies Turner’s core business; the same can be said of M & M.