• The Redsea Gulf Service comes after the Intra-Redsea Feeder 5.


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PIL enhances its services

The Redsea Gulf Service (RGS) and the Intra-Redsea Feeder 5 (IR5) of Pacific International Lines are undergoing changes. These upgrades are being made following the suspension of the Intra-Redsea Feeder (IRF) route with effect from December 2019.


For RGS, a weekly Berbera (Somalia) call will be inserted with effect from 7 December, Kota Karim 0164W/E ETA Mundra. The port rotation of the new RGS is Mundra (India) – Karachi (Pakistan) – Jebel Ali (UAE) – Djibouti – Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) – Berbera. For IR5, a fortnightly Massawa (Eritrea) call will be inserted with effect from Kota Naluri 0191S/N ETA Jeddah 28 December.


The rotation of the new IR5 is as follows: Route 1: Jeddah – Sudan – Jeddah Route 2: Jeddah – Sudan – Massawa - Jeddah. The enhanced service will improve the frequency and fixed weekly window into Berbera and direct service into Berbera from India, the Gulf region and the Red Sea. (fd)




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