• Photo: Pipistrel


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Pipistrel with Honeywell

Pipistrel, a small aircraft designer and manufacturer specialised in energy-efficient and affordable high-performance aircraft, has selected Honeywell’s "compact fly-by-wire" system as the "brain" for its Nuuva V300 cargo, which is designed to carry up to three Euro-pallets (460 kg) and has a maximum range of 2,500 km.


Stéphane Fymat, VP and GM for Honeywell Aerospace's unmanned aerial systems: "One of the toughest challenges logistics companies face is meeting the demand for same-day delivery. Vehicles like the Nuuva V300 are going to be a real breakthrough in the race to solve this problem."


Ivo Boscarol, founder and CEO of the Slovenian group: "Honeywell’s expertise and the proven capabilities of its compact fly-by-wire system will provide airliner levels of safety for our novel air vehicles." (ah)




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