• DFDS reorganises its France Connections.


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Port de Sète runs further services by DFDS

After eight years of activity, the service connecting the port of Toulon, France, to that of Pendik, near Istanbul, Turkey, was switched to the Port of Sète. DFDS recently announced the discontinuation of this service launched in 2011, which had been developed by the Turkish UN Ro-Ro to transport trailers of trucks (without driver) between Turkey and France.


But following the acquisition in the summer of 2018 of U.N. Ro-Ro by the Danish group, the latter has initiated a number of changes. A first decision for the Port of Sète fell with the switch of one of three weekly rotations between Toulon and Pendik in July this year. Instead, DFDS decided to launch a new connection between Sète and Cesme, with two round trips each week.


After several months of trial, the owner concluded that the port of Languedoc was better placed and therefore decided to transfer its three weekly routes. "At the end of this test and given the strong demand for intermodal services that can be operated from Sète and not from Toulon, we decided to focus all our crossings from the port of Sète," said Lars Hoffmann, director DFDS in the Mediterranean, in a statement. (fd)



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