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Port of Brussels to more than double capacity

The Port of Brussels' board of directors have decided to extend the container terminal in the outer port. The current area of 16,700 sqm will be increased by 42,000 sqm, amounting to a total area of nearly 60,000 sqm. This decision comes as the current terminal has reached saturation point, and container transport is experiencing continued international growth.


The terminal is located along a large-gauge canal that connects Brussels to Antwerp. The extension, which will cost the Port of Brussels an investment of EUR 6.8 million, will increase the facility's capacity from the current 50,000 teu to 120,000 teu.


The container terminal is currently operated by TTB (Trimodal Terminal Brussels), acquired by the Van Moer company in March this year, whose concession ends in mid-2023.


A call for projects for the extension of the terminal will be published during Q1/2022, with the objective of concluding a new concession contract for the new terminal in July 2023, at the expiration of the current concession.


The current container terminal was commissioned in 2003 and has grown steadily and continuously until the current near saturation. (sh)




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