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Port of Calais: extension now open

The time has come. Once upon a time, Napoleon wanted to send his troops from the French Port of Boulogne-Calais to the British coast. Now, the Port of Calais opposite Dover has inaugurated the new extension of its facilities.


The works began in 2015 as the first maritime project under the European Union priority infrastructure plan. This project doubled the port's current capacity by the construction of a new dock leading to the sea.


The revamped port includes a 3 km dike, three new ferry berths and new buildings for operations and reception of port customers. The new extension of the port will begin operations on 4 October. More than USD 1 billion were invested in the project.


In 2020, cargo throughput across the Channel amounted to 39.8 million t. Total cargo activity at the Port Boulogne Calais was down by 5 points, with a total of 1.2 million t. (cd)




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