• Photo: Lieberherr

26.02.2024 By: Patricia Büeler

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Porto Chibatão's game changers

Porto Chibatão, a major port operator in Brazil, has integrated four Lieberherr LBS 800 barge-slewing cranes into its operations. They are the largest harbour cranes over floating piers globally, with a special boom length of 66 m and a 9.6 m tower extension, enhancing performance with electric drives for high-speed turnover and reduced emissions.


The cranes, delivered in September 2022, are part of the port's 16 barge-slewing crane fleet, supporting the Manaus industrial park and the regional economy.


Porto Chibatão's expansion plan, approved by Antaq, aims to provide more room for increasing cargo volumes, since the overall trend is moving towards transporting larger and bulkier commodities. (pb)




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