• Terminals remain in operation.


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Ports keep up services

The major ports worldwide are up and running in order to keep supply chains up. With Chinese ports returning to normal, US American ports being exempted from public bans, the notices of European ports spreading the news keep flowing in.


Pars pro toto, just like Antwerp, Genoa, Hamburg, Le Havre, La Spezia, Rotterdam, Valencia and many other ports, the port of Barcelona also guarantees compliance with the essential services to maintain the supply of goods. The port has also guaranteed to its customers the fulfilment of the essential services to facilitate logistics operations and the correct supply to the different industries, as well as the consumer products necessary for the supply of citizens.


In a press release, the port of Barcelona said that "the accesses to the port enclosure remain open, the terminals are operational and the port community - terminals, stevedores, carriers, freight forwarders, customs agents, customs, border inspection services, etc. - is making every effort to ensure the best possible operation within this state of affairs."


In response to the coronavirus outbreak, the Gothenburg Port Authority like many others is requesting a maritime declaration of health from all vessels calling at the Port of Gothenburg.


The maritime declaration of health stipulates that if a vessel reports that a member of the crew or a passenger on board is ill and has been in a WHO-classified risk area, the port’s quarantine plan is activated, and an infectious disease physician is contacted. The physician then makes a medical risk assessment. (mw)




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