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Private airport operator calls it a day

According to the Dutch province of Limburg, the shareholders of MAA BV have indicated that they wish to terminate the concession agreement Maastricht Aachen Airport, because the growth of the airport no longer matches their ambitions.


The province of Limburg regrets that the private shareholders do not wish to continue, and the Holding NV Businesspark Airport Maastricht, of which the Province of Limburg is the only shareholder, takes over the shares for the price of EUR 1.


The airport is part of the basic infrastructure of Limburg and recently gained attention on the air cargo side, attracting carriers like Emirates Skycargo (see page 21 of ITJ 09-10/2018). It is located in the middle of the triangle formed by the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium - a big market, but with strong competition. (ah)


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