• The difference between the years 2019 (left) and 2020 (Chart: Port of Hamburg).


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Rail prevails at Port of Hamburg

The Port of Hamburg presented its results of the year 2020 at a virtual press conference recently. Despite an upward trend since Q3/2020, total volumes in 2020 amounted to 126.3 million t, 7.6% less than in 2019. Container handling was in the same range with a decline of 7.9% to 8.5 million teu compared to the previous year’s volume. General cargo, also down 7.9% at 87.8 million t, suffered more than bulk cargo, just 6.7% lower at 38.5 million t. Grain export was a main reason for this.


Trading partners for container traffic that achieved growth in the difficult pandemic period were the USA (up 1.8%), Singapore (up 5.3%), UK (up 28.2%) and Malaysia (up 6.0%).


Hamburg’s seaport-hinterland transport by rail accounted for a volume of 46.6 million t and 2.6 million teu, remaining fairly stable.


The railway was able to increase its share of the modal split in seaport-hinterland traffic by 1.3% to 50.7%, with "considerable additional scope for the further expansion in 2021", as the ITJ was told during the press conference (cd).




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