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28.02.2024 By: Patricia Büeler

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Ranking shipowning nations: who leads?

Vessels Value has revealed the top ten shipowning nations, showcasing shifts in asset values and ownership strategies over the past year. Japan leads with a fleet worth USD 206.3 billion, growing by 5%, particularly in the tanker sector. China follows closely with a fleet value of USD 204 billion, dominating in bulkers, tankers, and containers. Greece maintains third place, boasting a tanker fleet worth USD 69.5 billion.


The USA ranks fourth, with a significant portion of its fleet value attributed to cruise ships. Singapore holds fifth place, benefitting from improvements in the LPG sector. South Korea retains its position despite being overtaken in vessel numbers. Norway rises to seventh place, driven by investments in gas sectors and vehicle carriers.


The UK moves up to eighth place, with notable gains in the tanker and LPG sectors. Germany falls to ninth place due to decreases in container values. Finally, Hong Kong enters the list, propelled by investments in the bulker sector, where it is ranked fifth in fleet value. (pb)




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