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Re-sale instead of reverse logistics

Seko Logistics, founded in 1976, is banking on recommerce in e-commerce shipment. The Chicago-based company is partnering with newly launched recommerce specialist Reconomx to help retail brands reduce their carbon footprints.


The plan is to contribute to bringing down the estimated USD 100 billion a year cost of cross-border returns via resale channels.


Currently, cross-border sellers see a return rate of up to 30% on all online purchases. Recommerce has the potential to give sellers more control to re-sell the in-country returns through secondary market channels.


The Seko and Reconomx solution banks on so-called ‘point of no return’, because Seko gives Reconomx access to a global network of recommerce hubs and opens opportunities across multiple resale channels in prime cross-border retail markets such as Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand. (sh)




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