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Regional industry supports port of Lübeck masterplan

The German port of Lübeck acts as a logistics hub for trade between Central Europe and Scandinavia. Guido Kaschel, the new boss of the Lübeck port authority, recently presented the 2030 port development plan to Lübeck’s industry and chamber of commerce’s committee for traffic and infrastructure.


The region’s industry says it will support the port development process in Lübeck so that the port can continue to recuperate and generate added value in the Hanse Belt in Schleswig Holstein.


The main concerns are to discover how important the port is for citizens and the location’s economy. In addition, options have to be offered for the port’s further development and land should not be allocated for other uses before intensive deliberation.


There is also strong support for the expansion of the Elbe-Lübeck canal and the extension of the B404 road network between the Bargteheide junction on the A1 mmotorway and the Schwarzenbek junction on the A24. (kd)




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