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Risk of freight being shifted back to roads

Swiss ro-mo operator Ralpin welcomes the decision of the Federal Council to continue the ro-mo link between Freiburg in Germany and Novara in Italy beyond 2023 (ITJ Daily 3 October 2022). However, the original plan was to continue operation until the end of 2028 and not only until 2026 as decided by the Federal Council.


Ralpin says that this change may result in some of the truck transports being shifted back to the roads. The final decision on the duration of the continuation of the ro-mo route will be made by parliament, which in March 2022 already voted by a majority in favour of a prolongation until 2028.


Ralpin supports this position and is now expecting a timely decision so that the contracts for 2024 and the following years can be concluded with the suppliers and the ro-mo’s continued operation after 2023 can be secured. (ben)




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