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Rough times for Post Nord

The Swedish Post Nord is going through difficult times. It generated revenues of SEK 10.95 billion (EUR 970 million) in Q4/2022, 2% below the figures of Q4/2021.


All in all, parcel volumes declined by 4%, while mail volumes dropped by 13%. At SEK -20 million, operating income (ebit) was negative, due to restructuring costs (SEK 267 million or EUR 23.6 million).


Adjusted operating income (adjusted ebit) was recorded at SEK 247 million (EUR 22 million). The company said that the decrease in income was attributable in the main to its domestic business and that it was able to offset higher transport costs via fuel surcharges and price increases.


Operating income for the full year 2022 totalled SEK 357 million (EUR 31.5 million) and adjusted operating income was recorded at SEK 666 million (EUR 58.8 million). (sh)




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