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RST and Kramer do a swap

Rotterdam Short Sea Terminals (RST) and Kramer Group have agreed to swap certain areas of their port concessions at the City Terminal Rotterdam. RST will take over the area generally known as ‘Kramer Site’, which is of strategic importance for inland navigation, amongst others, at the Prins Willem Alexanderhaven.


The Kramer Group will take over RST North (Zone 10) for a significant period. The intended cooperation between RST and Kramer Group has been discussed with the Port of Rotterdam Authority who has expressed its principal agreement.


“We will be concentrating all our operations on the southern side from Q4/2021 onwards. With the addition of the Kramer Site we have more opportunities for growth,” said Tommy Moelgaard, CEO of RST.


RST is a major European container hub for short sea shipping with direct services to Western Europe, Scandinavia, the Baltics, Southern Europe and North Africa. From its central location in the Port of Rotterdam, RST processes ca. 1.3 million teu per year via its trimodal connections.


Kramer Group has been operating in Rotterdam for more than 50 years and specialises in providing depot services, barge handling, cleaning and repairing containers and reefer-services. (cd)




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