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SAA increases three frequencies

South African Airways (SAA) is adding an additional flight to Perth (Australia) today (16 August). The move increases this service from six to seven flights per week. An A340-300 and an A340-600 will operate this route. Effective from 19 August, the carrier will offer an extra flight to Accra (Ghana), thereby stepping up the service to six connections per week. New A330-200s will be deployed.

The route to Mumbai (India), will get a further frequency, and SAA will operate a total of six flights per week as from 21 August. With SAA’s ten flights a week from Johannesburg to São Paulo (Brazil) and three flights a week to Buenos Aires (Argentina), the airline provides the shortest travel time between India and South America. The flying time from Mumbai to Buenos Aires is just over 22.5 hours, and SAA is the only carrier with this short transit time.



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