• Photo: Emirates SkyCargo


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SAF from Singapore

Emirates has begun using sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) as part of its fuel agreement with Neste on flights departing from Singapore Changi airport, marking its first SAF investment in Asia. Approximately 3.3 million litres of blended SAF have been integrated into Changi airport’s fuelling system over the course of the last few weeks.


Emirates is tracking the delivery of SAF into the fuelling systems to account for and assign its environmental benefits through widely used and accepted industry methodologies.


Earlier this year, the airline closely collaborated with Neste for the supply of 2.6 million litres of neat SAF in the fuelling systems of Amsterdam Schiphol airport.


The SAF provided by Neste is produced from sustainably sourced and 100% renewable waste as well as residue raw materials, including used cooking oil and animal fat waste. (cj)




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