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Safe journey to Finland

Finnish State Railways (VR) fleet has received two additional locomotives. On behalf of Trans-Trading Hamburg, the Lübeck Port Company (LHG) recently converted two Vectron locomotives numbers 35 + 36, each weighing 90 t and measuring at 19.04 x 3.05 x 4.44 m. The deal covers a total of 97 type VR Sr3 units to be delivered during the period of 2016 to 2026.


The two locomotives travelled on their own axles from the plant in Munich (Bavaria, Germany) to Seelandkai terminal, where they were prepared for the ocean transport to Hanko, Finland via Transfennica’s ferry service.


Trans Trading has manufactured its own transport safety racks especially for this purpose, to make sure that the locomotives are properly secured and arrive safely in Finland. (ben)


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