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Seaintel: decline in liner schedule reliability

Global schedule reliability declined for the first time since February according to SeaIntel’s latest Global Liner Performance report for August, covering vessel arrivals up to and including July 2014.


Global schedule reliability declined by close to four percentage points from June to July, dropping to 71.6%. Global schedule reliability in July is based on a record-high 10,966 vessel arrivals. Data from Inttra shows that global container delivery declined too, from 55.7% in June to 52.6% in July, based on more than 3.3 million containers.  


SeaIntel’s global ranking of the top 20 carriers shows that Maersk Line, Hamburg Süd and Hanjin were the three most reliable top 20 carriers in July, just as they were in June, with a performance of 85.2%, 79.3% and 75.4%, respectively.


The G6 carriers HMM, MOL and NYK ranked low among the top 20 carriers. The global decline in schedule reliability is also reflected among the top 20 carriers, as all shipping companies, except UASC, have witnessed a decline in their global performance from June to July. UASC managed to improve its performance by 0.9 percentage points.



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