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Shareable datalog to track reefers

Moving perishable goods around the world is a challenging task, especially when it comes to cargo like fruit, meat and medicine that are sensitive to fluctuating conditions in transit.


To ensure optimal conditions when moving sensitive cargo from A to B, Maersk’s own refrigerated containers – equivalent to hundreds of thousands of units – are connected to Maersk’s remote container management system which tracks conditions within the reefers.


Since December 2019, customers have been able to view these conditions via the virtual reefer assistant Captain Peter.


Now, A.P. Moller – Maersk is launching the new Captain Peter Integrated package, enabling data integration with an application programming interface (API). This allows customers to enter the raw data log with temperature readings into whatever software they choose, which may be their own transportation management system or a 3rd party platform.


In addition, contractual customers can now give their shippers and consignees access to log in and view shipment details directly in Captain Peter. By the end 2023, 90% of the Maersk reefer fleet will support hourly datalog transmission. (ben)




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