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Skypallet 2.0 to launch this summer

Beta-testing of Skypallet 2.0 is well underway and Wiremind is on track to launch the significantly improved version of its flagship product this summer.


Leveraging years of feedback from multiple airlines, Skypallet 2.0 will bring a more intuitive interface, greater processing speeds, and workflow automation thanks to its integration in Cargostack.


Since its launch in 2017, Skypallet has become a major space optimisation and palletisation tool for airlines, GSAs, charter brokers and forwarders. It was the first commercial software to offer air cargo-specific 3D visualisation and optimisation of pallet and container loads.


With the original goal of empowering commercial teams with the operational know-how to quote shipments more efficiently, Skypallet has now significantly advanced to support full flight optimisations for over 25 customers. (cj)




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