• Ports in Spain witnessed growth in 2019. (c) Mapa Autoridades Portuarias, Gobierno de Espana/Ministerio de fomento.


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Spanish ports benefit from trade transformation

The 46 Spanish state ports handled almost 564,6 million t in the course of the year 2019 - a new historical record mark. Over the last decade (2010-2019), port traffic has increased at an average rate of 3% per year, from 432.5 million t to the current level.


In 2019 liquid bulk (+26%) and general merchandise (+2.5%) grew considerably, the latter pushed by non-metallic minerals (+18%), feed and fodder (+14%) or fruits, vegetables and legumes (+8%), offsetting the 11% loss of solid bulk.


This meant that the upswing in total port traffic was at +0.2% in comparison to 2018. Goods in transit, accounting for more than 154 million t and 28% of all the goods passing through Spanish ports, grew by 4%. Moreover, ro-ro traffic now exceeds 65 million t or nearly 3 million vehicles transported.


Finally, the number of vessels calling the Spanish ports amounted to almost 170,500 units, 2% more than in 2018. (mw)




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