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Special trailer for fragile goods

Transuniverse Forwarding in Wondelgem, Belgium, recently introduced a very special type of trailer for Nitto Belgium. It is a temperature-controlled box trailer where the sidewalls open completely to load and unload long and very fragile rolls of film.


The films are transported from Spain to the Nitto factory in Genk, Belgium. There they are processed into 'Coated Glass Protection' film for the glass industry. As the rolls of film are very fragile, they are transported in crates 3.6 m wide, weighing 3.5 t.


Since they cannot be loaded and unloaded through the rear door of the trailer, the crates have to be handled laterally. The film is also temperature sensitive, thus it has be transported in a 'conditioned' semi-trailer, where the temperature is kept between 10° and 25°C. (ben)




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