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Stemming a 23,000 t ship with Scheuerle equipment

Heavy-load logistics provider Fagioli, based in Manvel TX (USA), set three world records recently. Positioned on 880 Scheuerle SPMT axle lines and using the thrust of 28 PPUs (power pack units), Fagioli transported the 23,163 t special ship "Charybdis", a so-called wind turbine installation vessel (WTIV), from the shipyard onto the water.


This is the heaviest weight ever moved on land on wheels and the largest number of axle lines ever used for carrying one single load. On reaching the riverbank, the vessel was transferred to three parallel positioned barges also by means of the 880 Scheuerle SPMT axle lines.


With a total weight of 26,900 t, this also marked a new world record: the heaviest barge load conveyed on wheels for boarding a ship. The WTIV was subsequently launched into the water.


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