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Supply chain software for fashion designer

Garment and fashion specialist Jump Design Group has implemented the supply chain management software Osca to make its delivery flows transparent. Among other features, the cloud-based system developed by the Bochum (Germany)-based company Setlog controls all processes relevant to shipments – from the booking until the arrival of the clothes at their destination.


The software makes e-mails and excel-lists redundant and serves as the central communications platform for Jump Design Group’s international suppliers. “As a fast-fashion manufacturer we sometimes need less than three weeks from the original design to the sale of the ladies’ fashion clothes.


To achieve such speed, we require the best possible information about our supply chain,” says Ashesh Amin, CEO of the Jump Design Group. The system comprises both order confirmation and logistics management. In addition to transport orders, the company can also monitor and control packing lists, arrival times and volumes. (mw)




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