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Swedish intermodal service launched

The new train in Sweden connects Gothenburg, Eskilstuna and Umea. TX Logistik (part of Mercitalia) will operate the new route with two round trips per week and 32 loading units per train. In addition to all types of cranable trailers, non-cranable semi-trailers can also be directly loaded onto the rails using the Nikrasa TX handling system.


The new connection, for which TX Logistik provides all services on its own, is operated as an open train system. The intermodal train takes around six hours to travel from Gothenburg on the Swedish west coast to the Eskilstuna intermodal terminal (west of Stockholm), where the trailers required there are unloaded, and new units picked up. The train then carries on to the intermodal terminal in Ulmea in the north, a journey of 14 hours. (ben)




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