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Swiss Combi can buy stake in SBB Cargo

The Swiss competition commission (WEKO) has conducted a profound assessment of Planzer and Camion-Transport's plans to acquire a stake in SBB Cargo.


"The planned merger will create a dominant position on the market for cargo handling services in combined transport in the Gossau/St. Gall area. However, it does not give the relevant companies the opportunity to eliminate effective competition," WEKO concluded and approved the transporters' union with the Swiss railfreight company.


Through their joint subsidiary Swiss Combi, Planzer and Camion-Transport intend to buy a 35% share of SBB Cargo. Furthermore, logistics services providers Galliker and Bertschi each hold a 10% stake in Swiss Combi. The aim of the merger is to contribute the transporters' logistics know-how in order to optimise SBB Cargo's existing products and develop new offers. (ben)




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