• (f.l.t.r.): Peter Steidle, Stefan Noerpel-Schneider, both Noerpel, Dietmar Schwarz, Mario Tiefenthaler, both MD of Logistik2000 AG (Photo: Noerpel Group).


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Takeover in Switzerland

Germany-based Noerpel Group is acquiring the Swiss company Logistik 2000. With the new location in Diepoldsau directly on the Austrian border, the buyer is thus gaining its second branch in Switzerland.


Founded in 1999, Logistik 2000 has a freight forwarding facility of just under 2000 sqm in the border triangle of Austria, Switzerland and Germany. With its proximity to Liechtenstein, the company is also a long-standing transport partner for industrial customers based there.


Logistik 2000's services include pan-European general cargo shipments, parcel services, courier services, hospital logistics and sea and air freight handling. The company also has two customs offices of its own. Noerpel Group is taking over the shares in the Swiss company with retroactive effect from 1 January 2021. (sh)




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