• Photo: Arvato Logistics

21.05.2024 By: Mantra Kumar

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Taking over Toniebox fulfilment

Arvato is taking over logistics operations for the German audio cube manufacturer Tonies, comprising both the e-commerce and B2B segments. From warehousing and order picking to transport and distribution, Arvato will be in charge of Tonies’ logistics activities in continental Europe, with the UK and Ireland to follow in August this year.


Using its 132,000 sqm hub in Guetersloh as a central distribution site, Arvato will rely on EDI-based communication and data exchange with Tonies and invest in automation to ensure efficiency.


Around 15 million products are set to be shipped per year, including everything from audio cubes (dubbed Tonieboxes), to headphones, transport cases, and figurines. "In total, we have already delivered more than 1.5 million units to date," says Jörn Hermelbracht, senior director account management at Arvato. (mk)




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