• Photo: HHLA/Martin Elsen


Artikel Nummer: 41511

The marriage is postponed

Since 2020, HHLA and Eurogate, Hamburg and Bremen’s most important terminal operators, have been negotiating a partnership to bundle their strengths.


The reason why the operators are contemplating a possible merger is the fact that the competition, especially in Antwerp, has outstripped Germany’s northern ports in terms of volumes and flexibility.


However, the negotiations have been interrupted time and again and the suitors have now sent each other home. A current joint statement now says that "against the background of the current geopolitical situation with as yet unforeseeable consequences, the two terminal companies HHLA and Eurogate (have) agreed to postpone their talks on a cooperation until the framework conditions have regained a sufficient amount of stability to enable a successful continuation."


The fact that the negotiating partners have agreed not to release any information on their discussions to date suggests that no viable solution is yet on the table. (cd)




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