• The 8,000 km route from Dornbirn to Darkhan (Mongolia). (Map: GW)


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The Mongolian project

12,600 LED street lights and lamp posts were transported to Ulaanbaatar by rail recently. The logistician Gebrüder Weiss (GW) was contracted by the Zumtobel lighting group for the undertaking.


More than 80 containers in twelve months were delivered on schedule from Austria to the Mongolian capital for a government infrastructure project. The Zumtobel Group was commissioned two years ago to supply and install the street lights.


The risk of transport damage to the fragile goods, due to strong acceleration forces during train transport, was eliminated by special load securing in the containers. The 9 m lamp posts were securely stored in specially-made wooden racks for the 30-day journey; this prevented the cargo from sliding around in the containers.


Franco Ravazzolo, GW’s head of projects and breakbulk activities, said that “we recommended the rail option on the New Silk Road to Zumtobel because we wanted to avoid problems that could have arisen due to delays in sea transport as a result of the outbreak of Covid-19.” (sh)


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