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The new "hydrotug" to float in 2021

The creation of a prototype for a water vessel with alternative fuel is in progress. The port of Antwerp has commissioned the construction of a tugboat powered by hydrogen, the first of its kind, which shall be operational in about two years. The so-called “hydrotug” will have engines fuelled by hydrogen in combination with diesel.


The combination of this dual-fuel technology with a cutting-edge particle filter and a catalyst converter, which meet the highest standards, will ensure that the hydrotug’s emission rates remain as low as possible. For instance, the burning of hydrogen does not release CO2 emissions. In combination with the catalyst converter, the particle filter reduces NOx and particle emissions to a minimum.


The engines meet the standards of Norm EU Stage V, which means that they have the lowest-rated emissions on the market. This especially eco-friendly tugboat will be built by the Compagnie Maritime Belge (CMB). By supporting this promising new technology, the port of Antwerp hopes that the shipping industry will follow its example. (fd)



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