• Photo: Briese Schifffahrt (Schweiz)


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The Swiss "Briese"

Swiss investors are playing their part. Briese Schiffahrt (Schweiz), the Swiss branch of the German company of the same name, recently placed its first newbuild multi-purpose vessel «BBC Ukraine», which is part of a series of ten Briese F-500 multi-purpose vessels commissioned back in 2018, with investors.


The multi-purpose vessel will become part of the fleet of BBC Chartering, which is at 160 units, at the end of 2021. Wind turbines, in which BBC Chartering will have a market share of over 50%, will be the preferred cargo of the ocean-going vessel.


The new Briese F-500 type, out of which each newbuilding has a value of value of over Euro 200 million, is characterised by a 40% reduction in fuel consumption and an increased floor space of approximately 20%.


The ship's upper deck, which is kept largely flat, has been consistently optimised for the transport of the latest generation of wind turbine blades. The «BBC Ukraine» is the third of the series. The first two newbuilt vessels, «BBC St. Petersburg» and «BBC Arkhangelsk», entered regular service last year. The other ships will be delivered one by one until 2023. (sh)




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