• Maurizio Sartori talked to the ITJ about new approaches and projects.

16.04.2021 By: Christian Doepgen

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Thinking ahead of developments

Surely board member Maurizio Sartori expected the 40th anniversary of Verona-based Nova Systems to be rather different from what they’re experiencing these days. The company has learnt its lessons from the fallout from the pandemic and has, together with its ­customers, developed a new approach. The post-pandemic anniversary party is thus likely to be all the sweeter.

Maurizio – how’s business ­going these days in Italy?

We’re really looking forward to the time when personal exchanges will be possible again. Until then we’re very busy in the market with our new approach. One of our advantages is that most of our customers are freight forwarders; they can also work during today’s measures to counter the pandemic.


Where are needs greatest?

Digital exchange and data security are the central aspects. We don’t believe that an IT services firm is purely a provider. We rather have to be our clients’ partner.


What’s your modus operandi with new customers today?

IT’s classic approach – present your product and offer tailor-made solutions –

doesn’t reach potential customers any more. The focus today, in contrast, has to be on an initial workshop, in which we can make a precise assessment of a client’s requirements today and detailed future special needs.


How does the process continue from there?

We prepare an individual solutions environment for the client and present it to them. We can offer to discuss matters with them in one of four languages, and meet them at any one of our seven offices in Italy, Spain, France and Malta. We believe that that’s a pretty good basis on which to arrive at an agreement and launch a project.


How big is the effort involved for a firm like Nova Systems?

It’s a really complex approach, which called for a lot of investment up front. It was necessary, however, and the key to success, for it en­ables us to offer our customer something new, something he needs, and something that improves his business.


What is your great confidence in your concept based on?

We know exactly what we’re doing. When Nova Systems became the first Euro- pean firm to present a cloud solution in 1999, many a market player feared for the security of its data. That’s completely different today. Our 22 years of experience with cloud platforms, our two compatible server farms, all the necessary certification and our 99.5% service continuity allow us to keep up with every competitor.


Are you working on any new projects?

We’re currently in the beta phase of testing an airfreight tool, together with an integrator. Perhaps we’ll be able to offer it to users as early as this summer.


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