• Relocations and the B2B segment are growing.

24.06.2022 By: Christian Doepgen

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To Basel and Zurich

In the Swiss logistics scene Pelichet, in Geneva, is one of the more discreet players. Régis Serrière, head of the international team and strategy director there since March, explained the company’s profile and expansion plans to Christian Doepgen recently.

What activities does your company focus on, Mr Serrière?

Pelichet is a Swiss firm that focuses on transport and relocation, as well as on the other segments of the industry, including logistics, storage, archiving and the like.

About how big is your company?

We’re structured in our Groupe Mobilitas (holding and et mobility leader), with 4,600 employees in 338 branches worldwide. Switzerland, especially Geneva, where we have 60 permanent employees and about 45 freelancers, is quite important in the group.

How do you explain this significance?

We offer B2C as well as B2B solutions, amongst other things, and also run office removals. For a company that also offers business relocation, Geneva is a focal point, with no less than 44 international organisations and more than 200 representative offices (embassies, permanent delegations, NGOs). But we’re also active in the B2B sector for our clients, including Nestlé, Total and Decathlon, amongst others.

“Our experience allows us to adapt to the new challenges we face.”

What does B2B mean here, in terms of concrete business activities?

We help international businessmen move, move machine parks, relocate entire firms, and offer digital archiving. Handling special consignments, such as 300 kg safes, are no exception. Of course, confidentiality is a top priority.

What are your ambitions?

We see the greatest potential for growth in the B2B sector, and want to act on this. In addition to our headquarters in Geneva we also want to set up locations in Basel and Zurich, and perhaps also in Zug, in 2022.
What can these cities offer you?

Zurich is rather well-known as an international business hub, and Basel also offers excellent opportunities for us to engage in sustainable expansion, on account of its binational airport, its border location, the presence of large global corporations and its strength in the pharmaceutical and forwarding segments.

Are you aiming to serve the whole of German-speaking Switzerland?

We’re already represented in the region by our partners. Every logistician is aware that it is always possible to make a network even denser enough. We want to be able to offer our services throughout our domestic market.

Is Pelichet equipped for this expansion?

Yes. We’re very experienced and always adapt our processes to the new challenges we face. This includes the growing use of digital solutions in the industry.

Where do these come into play?

One example is archiving – an underestimated field. It’s not just about space and organisation, but also about making documents available – and digitising them. Scanning by drone is a reality today. That’s how dynamic the segment is.


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