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Transporting art in Austria

Dealing with art takes time – and money – for museums, galleries and art lovers. Now a new insurance policy is available in Austria for all parties involved to protect themselves against damages during the occasional transport of pieces of art.

Anyone with an expensive piece of art is well advised to insure it, as Georg Krenkel, CEO of Helvetia’s directorate for Austria, knows. “One of the insurance solutions we have on offer has been designed especially with private collectors in mind. I’m one myself, so I understand people’s enthusiasm for beauty – and their desire for the proper insurance.”


Helvetia’s art insurance options are suitable for anyone who occasionally has to have his art transported. The pieces are insured seamlessly against damage in transit in Austria, theft, pilferage, nondelivery, fire, natural catastrophes, breakage, accidents (erroneous handling, being dropped or pushed over, and the like), stationary vandalism, during transport and whilst the object is either being installed or hung up (nail to nail), amongst other things.



Individual solutions

The sum for which the art is insured (up to a maximum of EUR 50,000 per item as well as EUR 300,000 per collection) is determined either by the insu­rance policy holder himself or by an art expert. Transports carried out by the insurance policy holder are covered up to a maximum of EUR 100,000; those carried out by specialised art forwarders up to EUR 300,000. Insurance solutions that go above and beyond these options, for example concepts for artists, dealers, gallerists, museums or specialised art forwarders, can be set up individually.


Helvetia’s directorate for Austria has supported the Gugging gallery’s artists since autumn 2019. According to CEO Krenkel the artists’ individuality is what links them to Helvetia. “Our art insurance options enable us to provide private collectors with our expertise too. Beyond our art transport and exhibition insurance solutions we’re also a reliable partner for commercial in- surance requirements, as you know.”          


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