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Turkish-German integration is on

Early in December the transport and logistics group Gebrüder Weiss (GW) fully integrated the Turkish forwarding company 3S Transport & Logistics, acquired in October 2021, into its country organisation. The firm’s main focus is on transport between Turkey and its key trading partner, Germany, as well as the Benelux countries.


Besides ascertaining rising demand for transport on the Middle Corridor route, Thomas Moser, GW’s director and regional manager for the Black Sea / CIS region, also sees Turkey as a central logistics hub between Europe and Asia.


The Middle Corridor runs overland from Europe through Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan to China, providing an alternative route to the Northern Corridor, which runs through Russia.


GW’s growing local unit is led by Mişel Yakop as the country manager Gebrüder Weiss Türkiye. In addition to a site in Istanbul, 3S Transport & Logistics’ location near Düsseldorf was also integrated into the GW organisation. (sh)




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