• Photo: Uber Freight

25.09.2023 By: Mantra Kumar

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Uber and Waabi: an AI project in Texas

Uber Freight has formed a partnership with Waabi, which specialises in generative AI and simulation for autonomous technology, to accelerate the safe deployment of AI-powered autonomous trucks at scale. This agreement brings together Waabi’s core technology—the Waabi Driver—with Uber Freight’s logistics platform.


In the future, carriers with Waabi Driver-enabled trucks will have the option to deploy their assets instantly on the Uber Freight network.


Over the next ten years, the two companies also intend to deploy billions of miles of Waabi Driver capacity alongside carrier partners on the Uber Freight network. The commercial loads, the first of which ran this week, will run regularly between Dallas and Houston, with more key lanes in Texas and beyond to follow at a later date. (mk)




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