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Uniform brand: AFG operates under new name

Effective immediately, the logistics services provider Allgemeine Fahrzeugübernahme-Gesellschaft (AFG), which was taken over by the Mosolf Group at the beginning of 2018, will be trading under the name of Mosolf Automotive Releasing Solutions. With this move, the Germany-based Mosolf Group is pooling its expertise in the releasing solutions segment under one uniform brand.


“By changing the name we are combining all our releasing activities within the Mosolf Group in one internal business unit. We believe that this will result in an increase in efficiency and an even greater focus in this field,” said Jörg Mosolf, CEO at Mosolf.


The new business unit „Mosolf Automotive Releasing Solutions” comprises the releasing sites in Hambach (France), Kornwestheim and Zwickau-Mosel, the AFG Group, which is headquartered in Frankfurt/Main, and the unit’s main administration centre in Rüsselsheim. The new entity will also include the subsidiaries AFG Garching and AFG Regensburg. The business unit will be headed by Stefan Schönbrunn and Egon Christ. (mw)




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