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Unipart wins Kimberly-Clark extension

Unipart Logistics has succeeded in securing a three-year contract extension with Kimberly-Clark for the management of UK warehouse operations in Barrow, Chorley and Northfleet through 2022. Today, around 200 Unipart employees support Kimberly-Clark. In Chorley and Northfleet, they manage 120,000 pallets of finished goods in a highly automated warehouse environment, fed by an extremely efficient cross dock operation in Barrow.


Claire Walters, Unipart Logistics chief commercial officer, said: “In awarding the contract Kimberly-Clark recognised the unique value Unipart Logistics bring to the company and its customers through digital innovation and a relentless focus on continuous improvement.


“Established in 2014, the partnership with Kimberly-Clark has grown stronger year on year. Unipart has developed a deep understanding of its business, using the Unipart way to drive innovative and sustained improvements.” (mw)




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