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Upgraded Antonov light aircraft lifts record weight

An AN-2-100 light aircraft, an up-to-date modification of the famous AN-2 biplane, performed a test flight at Antonov's test base. The aircraft named "Genrikh Ongirsky" after the former Antonov designer (1939-2012), who contributed greatly to the AN-2 programme development, lifted cargo weighing 3,202 kg, which is the record for this aircraft class, to an altitude of 2,700 m, bearing in mind that the maximum payload of this biplane is 1,500 kg.

The AN-2-100 can be operated autonomously at small airfields, in a wide altitude range, under good and adverse climatic conditions. The main difference between the AN-2-100 and its predecessor is in a power plant with an MC-14 turboprop engine, replacing aviation gasoline with aviation kerosene. (ah)


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