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Upgrading the cargo managing system

Hermes Logistics Technologies’ (HLT) latest cloud-based Hermes SaaS ecosystem is set to roll out in CACC Cargolinx’s operations at Cairo’s international airport in time for summer 2024.


Following a successful twelve-year collaboration with HLT, the new five-year agreement will see the provider upgrade its cargo management system by migrating to Hermes 5 SaaS, thus improving operational efficiency.


In addition, the ground cargo handling specialist will benefit from several integrations and solutions from the Hermes pay-as-you-go ecosystem, designed to create further advantages for the company – ‘Hermes Business Intelligence’, ‘Hermes Track & Trace’ and ‘Hermes Integration’ (API).


HLT has worked closely with its partner to assess the business’ requirements and deliver a tailored, future-proofed solution. (cj)




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