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UPS says "ready for peak season"

In accordance with the US National Retail Federation that predicts an increase of 4.1% in US holiday sales this year, and with online retail sales to jump between 8% and 11% as consumers shift toward e-commerce, thereby creating higher demand for shipping services, UPS says it is ready to handle this year's anticipated volume of more than 585 million packages in December - an 11% increase over 2013. This estimate is included in UPS 2014 earnings guidance. The anticipated packages, if set side by side and based on 1 cubic foot per parcel, would circle the Earth nearly 4.5 times.


UPS expects its 2014 peak delivery day to be 22 December, when the company plans to deliver more than 34 million packages worldwide. Six days are likely to surpass last year's single-day delivery record of 31 million packages. By comparison, UPS delivers approximately 17 million packages on an average day.


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