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Urs Schwaller hands over to Christian Levrat

Christian Levrat will take over as chairman of the board of Swiss Post from the outgoing chairman Urs Schwaller on 1 December 2021. Levrat is a lawyer and political scientist.


Throughout his career, he has been an advocate of a strong public service. He was a member of the national council and council of states for the canton of Fribourg and presided over the SP (social democratic party) Switzerland from 2008 to 2020.


Among other things, Levrat sat on the parliamentary commission for transport and telecommunications (KVF). He also chaired the committee for economic affairs and taxation (WAK) of the council of states.

In addition to French, his mother tongue, he also speaks German and English. Levrat resigned from his parliamentary mandate when he took over the presidency of Swiss Post, which takes up 50% of his working time. (cj)




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