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US short line can handle heavier freight cars

North Carolina & Virginia Railroad (NCVA) has upgraded its entire line to handle 143 t railcar loadings. Until now, the railroad’s infrastructure was limited to 135.6 t railcar loadings.


In an USD 11.6-million project to achieve the capacity improvement, NCVA installed 34 km of continuous-welded rail; replaced 25,700 crossties, 12 turnouts and eight grade crossings; resurfaced 82 track km, including the addition of 22,500 t of stone ballast; and performed extensive upgrades to its Meherrin river bridge.


NCVA is a 90-km short line freight railroad operating between Boykins (VA) and Tunis (NC). The railways are a subsidiary of G&W, which owns or leases 119 freight railroads. (ben)




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