• In the Port of Seattle (Photo: UWL).


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UWL and Swire's second strike

In cooperation with Swire Shipping, a multi-purpose liner service, NVOCC UWL has introduced a dedicated, express ocean service from Seattle, Washington to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, offering a 21-day transit time. This announcement was made by Duncan Wright, UWL president, while speaking at the Agriculture Transportation Coalition (AGTC).


Wright said: “The recent ocean disruption and 100-day-long transit times are literally wiping out US food exporters’ livelihoods; many of these businesses simply cannot withstand the consistent lost sales, rotting food, and cancelled orders.”


Responding to the needs of USA-based agribusiness exporters, UWL has also prepared priority berthing at both origin and destination and a dedicated equipment pool for suppliers in Seattle. This Seattle - Ho Chi Minh ocean transport service represents the second collaboration between UWL and Swire Shipping after "Sun Chief" at the beginning of the year. (sh)




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